Wei, Xin


10 years progressive experience in software industry. Currently working as backend engineer for site infrastructure and platform webservices. Used to be a full-stack engineer for more than 6 years.


Intuit infrastructure team

Senior Software Engineer

Attendee - Jan 2015 - present

Target for Availability, Scalability, Resilency, and Performance of quickbook

Voyager move QBO to AWS

  • dispatcher services, serves 200k QPS now
    • implement web servic for traffic routing, algorithm for traffic shaping and load shedding
    • implement client sdk for downstream dependencies to consume this service
    • implement far-near cache by using coherence
    • implement authentication/verification by following intuit secrurity protocol
    • write stack creation, auto sccaling,health and alert rules by using AWS api, cloudformation and chef script
  • email service, serves 1000k QPS/hour now
    • rewrite intuit email service by using sendgrid api instead of intuit smtp
    • integration with hystrix to increase resiliency, reduce latency and improve fault tolerance
    • implement authentication/verification by following intuit security protocol
  • background cron job processing

    • implement network audit agent to instrument network access, find vulerabilities
    • implement application encryption/decryption
    • implemenet authentication/verification by following intuit security protocol
  • decommission internanl url

    • implement network audit agent to instrument network access, find internal url call
    • implement public url generaton
    • implement authentication/verification by following intuit security protocol


  1. quickbook migration to AWS from intuit data center

High avability

  1. implement bash for monitoring QBO server and automation test
  2. release verification, performance monitoring and analysis under a high concurrency and multithreading environment
  3. integrate netflix hystrix to short circuit failed micro-service to improve resiliency

tech stack: spring, mybatis, mysql, chef,aws cli, cloudformation, cloudwatch,RDS, EC2, S3, Route 53, VPC, splunk, new relic, dynatrace, youkit, keynote, hystrix, Jenkins

Intuit platform team

Senior Software Engineer

Attendee - Apri 2014 - Jan 2015

v3 webservices and nextgen webservices

  1. implement rest api for qbo linked transaction service
  2. implement rest api for manual update bank transaction service
  3. performance profile and code instrument for bottneck diagnosis and performance improvement,
    various bug fixing, unit testing

tech stack: spring DI, jax-rs, jersey, rest-easy, jackson, spring boot, spring aop, jmockit, jenkins, sonarcube

nearline recommenation engine
real-time recommendation

  1. storm topology design
  2. drools rule engine design

tech stack: acitvemq, zookeeper, storm, drools, spring core, redis, mybatis, saltstack

elastic search

  1. qbo search ui
  2. java integration with elastic search, such as manage mappings, manage documents and parse the query string from ui.

tech stack:

  • backend
    restful api,elastic search,jersey,jackson,spring DI,jax-rs,jersey,rest-easy,spring boot,spring aop,jmockit,jenkins,sonarcube
  • front end
    dojo, compass,sass,nodejs,grunt,bower,intern


Lead Software Engineer

Attendee - Apri 2008 - April 2014

Lead Teams through complex framework projects of significant importance to the enhancement of the
company services. These projects involve designing, building, implementing, and prototyping.

Actuate Mobile Viewing Framework

  1. Conceived, Built, and Executed framework for this project in order to expose Business
    Intelligence and Reporting Tools, (BIRT), and report viewing features in a mobile environment
    which resulted in successfully exposing BIRT to mobile users.
  2. Actuate Mobile Viewer was a Sencha Touch Based HTML5 native container hybrid system
    which ran on an tablet or phone. Improved functionality and efficiency.
  3. Apache Cordova was integrated to expose native device functionalities to javascript API.
  4. BIRT Mobile for iOS
  5. BIRT Mobile for Android

Acutate Dashboard Framework

  1. Designed, Constructed, and Implemented framework for this project which allowed for users
    to be able to access and incorporate into a single page numerous visualization gadgets such
    as: tables, charts, crosstabs, and flash content. Improved quality of services offered.
  2. Created and built publish-subscription structure among gadgets that supported data interoperation. Improved system functionality.
  3. The framework consists of a JavaScript runtime in browser client and a Java based middle
    tier in server side retrieving the data, handling the synchronization of requests that update
    data and render content.
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Actuate JavaScript Application Program Interface, (API), Framework

  1. Designed, Constructed, and Executed framework for this project which supported the
    dynamically loading client resources, leading to customers being able to tailor various visual
    components and to integrate those components into ad hoc environments, as well as to
    access them in single or cross domain mode. Improved functionality of system and relations
    with clients.

An Ajax Based Interactive Viewing Framework

  1. Designed, prototyped, and implemented the framework for this project which allowed user
    exploiting reports and individual visual components inside report.
  2. The framework consisted of a JavaScript runtime in browser client and a Java based middle
    tier in server side which handled the incoming Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
    requests, updated report design schema, and loaded report engine to generated report pages.
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Personal Project

1.algorithm practice
3.functional programming
4.littler airwar
5.webviewer remote debug console


Java,J2EE,spring core,spring boot,AWS,cloudformation,cloudwatch,EC2,Route53,Aspect J,hystrix,storm,activeMQ,zookeeper,redis,mysql,jenkins pipeline,jenkins dsl,groovy,chef,nginx,JavaScript,C/C++,Objective C,Python,Shell,ios,android,node.js,Tomcat,jboss, webloigc, websphere, jetty,AJAX,CSS,REST, SOAP, XML, JSON,Sencha,jQuery


Mathematics, master of science
Jan 2005 - June 2007
Goergia State University


1.Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP)
2.Sun Certified Web Component Developer(SCWCP)
3.Sun Certified Business Component Developer(SCBCD)